October 19, 2010

Winner of Challenge 17!

This week's winner will receive a fabulous prize from our sponsor.

POOPOOPAPERtm crafts natural and odorless eco-friendly paper products made from poo. Outrageously playful products made from poo with a serious underlying message of sustainability. POOPOOPAPER will be awarding our winner this week with a journal !

Your People's Choice Award winner for Challenge 17 is Jeri with this amazing Bingo set.

Congratulations Jeri, please contact us so we can get all of your info for our sponsor. 
Thank you to everyone who entered challenge 17, such an amazing collection of projects!
Be sure to join us tomorrow for Challenge 18.


Ms. Jen said...

WOW, what a great entry!

Jenny B said...

awesome Jeri! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristina said...

Congratulations Jeri!

Regan said...

Congratulations Jeri! Great project!! :)