May 5, 2011

Rolled Flower Tutorial with Jennifer

Welcome to Thursday's Tutorial at Papercraft Star with Jennifer

I know you're probably wondering what Jennifer is going to show you using a roll of tinsel, a scrap bin, and two pairs of scissors, right? These simple tools are all you need to make some lovely, rolled flowers. Quick and easy without expensive dies!

To start, you'll need something round with a 1.5-2" diameter (that's where the tinsel roll comes in!) to trace circles on your paper.

Once you've got your circles traced, take some scissors and cut them out. I like to use a scallop scissor for one type and a straight-edge scissor for the other. I'm sure you could probably use pinking or other shaped scissors for a lot of different looks!
Don't worry if your circles aren't perfectly round or exactly on the tracing - the lines are really just a guide.
Cut the circles into spirals and start rolling the flowers from the outside in.

Glue the bottom of the flowers with some quick-dry adhesive or if the glue takes a bit longer to dry, use some of these great clamping forceps. I have 3 pair in my craft room and love them!

Follow the same process for the straight-edge scissor flower.

Finish them off any way you'd like - I personally like pearls but I've seen little stamen on some and I'd imagine rhinestones would be pretty, too.

I hope you give it a try - I know you'll like the results!

Thanks for joining us today for Jennifer's tutorial.  Don't forget you still have plenty of time to join our challenge for this week... for details, click here.


♥♥♥Jan ♥♥♥ said...

I see these all the time Jen, but I didn't know you started from the outside ! So mine always looked stoopid - now maybe I can do it the right way. Thank you so much !

Regan said...

Beautiful flowers Jennifer! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial!

Kim Duran said...

Jen, these are so sweet. I love them and will be trying these little flowers on my own cards very soon.