November 13, 2010

Voting for Challenge 21 has begun!

Let's take another look at this week's sponsor!

This week's challenge sponsor is! They are offering a unique prize of two accent stamps to the People's Choice Award winner! Butterfly Fly sells charming personalized rubber stamps, paper and ink. All stamps are mounted on traditional hourglass shaped wood letting you to change your ink color to fit the occasion. And many of the stamps are sold in sets allowing you to play with your layout. 

Butterfly Fly stamps also make lovely gifts– whether it’s a simple name stamp to welcome a newborn or a bookplate stamp to encourage a new reader. Specific stamps for teachers, gardeners, cooks and bakers make for a very personal and thoughtful gesture.

Butterfly Fly's goal is to provide people with the tools to express their creativity in little everyday ways. Moving scrapbooking beyond the book and encouraging adults and kids to take pride in what they create. All with a stamp as special as they are.

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